If you know me personally, you probably know that I am a very politically involved person. I have worked for, volunteered for, and given money to candidates. I vote in local elections. I vote in midterms. I have firm policy positions.

When Annie was 3, and just beginning to speak (thank you Rainbow Pediatric Rehab), I worked on an apolitical voter registration drive. I took Annie with me. For months afterward, she asked everyone we encountered “Are you registered to vote?”

Annie is less interested in State Government than she was at age 3. Still, we walked through it, beginning with school boards, mayor, city council, and up through the Ohio Supreme Court. I tried to engage her in terms she could understand: “School boards are making decisions about whether kids go back to school in person. Where Ellie lives, the kids are all going to do online learning. In Mayfield, some kids will go back to school. Isn’t that something you care about?” Not really, as it turns out, since she’s doing online learning.

I’m hoping she’ll be more interested when she writes letters to Phil Robinson (State House Rep) and Matt Dolan (State Senator) tomorrow. The topic will be disability rights.

Photo Credit to Melissa Nocero