This is the third post in a series of three

For those following along, today we completed the loop for obtaining a prescription. Last week, we had filled a pill case, recognized what we were low on, figured out what was OTC versus prescription, , and wrote an email to the Dev Ped and NP asking for refills.

Today, we talked about what it means to have a pharmacy “on file” with the doctor, and why it’s a good idea to use the same pharmacy most of the time. We took a road trip to CVS, and Annie went to the pharmacy counter, where she was surprised to find that everyone already knows her. She asked for her meds, gave her information, and we talked about what to do if you have new medication, and want to speak to the pharmacist.

Sadly, she didn’t offer to pay. That’s still on me. Small price to pay for another step towards independence.

Close up of prescription pills with prescription paper – top view