Amy was a light in the dark when I needed help and advocacy for my two children in school. I felt confident and qualified to support my children with team IEP meetings after consulting with Amy. She had a huge positive impact on nurturing my abilities to truly be present and effectively advocate for my children’s success.

–J. Howard, Parent

I would have been completely lost and disheartened had I not had Amy’s support while advocating for my child. Her patience, endless optimism and expertise were invaluable to me while navigating the overwhelming task of ensuring that my exceptional child’s needs were not only acknowledged but also met and celebrated. 

-C.Dooner, Parent

Amy is the fiercest and most supportive advocate. She is honest and kind, and every child and parent would be better off with her on their side.

-J. Glasener, Parent

Amy really listened to me about my concerns regarding my son when no one else would. She encouraged me to stay strong and not give up on what I knew my son needed to thrive. Amy was my voice when I could not speak. My son went from failing grades with no self esteem to an A-B  student because of the interventions she helped me put into place. He is now a very happy and confident teen with a bright future because of the empowerment that Amy gave me to stand up for my son.

L.Adamo, Parent

I have been advocating for my son for many years. I thought I was doing a good job, but I was actually missing opportunities left and right. Meeting Shari changed everything. Shari has a wealth of knowledge and can’t wait to share it. She has such compassion for the children and genuine empathy for the parents. She works for us as if we were her own family. I could have been doing so much more for my son had I met her sooner. My husband and I are so grateful for her programs, her passion, and her genuine joy for helping others. Shari has made a difference in our lives and in the lives of our children. As a lifetime learner and listener, Shari has the heart for advocacy.

Christine Wolford, Parent


“I have been with NEO Advocates for a few yrs now and have worked directly with Shari DeCarlo.  I can say that throughout my journey with Shari not only has she been my Son’s advocate but she has become a close friend.  She has guided me through the IEP process and has been right there with me on IEP meetings which can be very overwhelming.  She has held my Son’s teachers accountable to how and what they are teaching him ensuring he has all the resources he requires to learn.  She is very proficient in the realm of the IEP process and all testing as well as the benchmarks.  I strongly recommend ANY parent that is facing the daunting challenge of the IEP process to work with her as she has your child’s very best interest at heart.

– Robin Taylor, Parent

Shari has been so helpful and kind since the first moment we spoke. Her knowledge and advocacy for my child and myself has made a life changing difference in our lives. I have been in a 2 year long battle with my son’s school and unable to get him the help he needed and deserved, Shari came in and got them to listen in such a short amount of time. I can’t express how truly grateful I am to have Shari’s help and guidance through such a traumatic experience and I would recommend her to anyone needing help!! 

Amy helped me from early in my parenting journey to understand how important it is not to just recognize our kids’ big emotions but to let them know I recognized them so that they felt seen and heard. She has helped me with my toddler to manage big emotions and helped me stay calm. 

-A. Ashburn, Parent

Amy walked me through the process of getting a 504 for my son. Even though I am a teacher, going through the experience as a parent was completely different. Amy helped me advocate for the rights of my son in a way that was fair for everyone involved. 

-M. Denton, Parent

Amy helped me to better understand the services available to my son, gave me tools to keep track of the mountain of medical and academic paperwork, and helped me advocate for him with school personnel. During a time that can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming, it was wonderful to have such a kind, compassionate and knowledgeable person in our corner throughout my child’s high school years.

-M. Adams, Parent