The Adventures of one Neurodiverse Girl (and her mom).

Two days after her due date, Annie was born. She couldn’t breathe. Her lungs wouldn’t expand. We were in a hospital without a Level 3 NICU. By the time the team from UH Rainbow Babies and Children’s arrived, Annie had suffered a heart attack, a stroke, and liver and brain damage. They asked us if they should resuscitate her if she died again in the ambulance.

We spent the next several months in Rainbow’s NICU, where we learned that Annie is a fighter. Defying everyone’s expectations, she lived. And despite her challenges, she has thrived.

More than a decade has passed. I educated myself. I spent years figuring out my new life and how to help Annie with hers. It wasn’t the life we had expected, but it’s a great one.

And Annie is my guide.