Last night/today’s activity is using the slow cooker to make one of Annie’s favorite foods – Korean style pot roast. I spent much of my childhood living in Asia and grew up eating Korean food. I’ve passed the love on to my kids, but even so, with Annie’s limited food preferences, I am always surprised at how much she likes to eat this. (When she was younger, we got her to try it by calling it “thick steak”.)

We used this very, very simple recipe as an opportunity to talk about:

  • Planning ahead for meals
  • How to use a slow cooker
  • Food safety (again)
  • Why Kosher salt is better for preparing meat than table salt
  • Sanitary conditions in the kitchen

This particular learning opportunity was made extraspecial learntastic by a water main break that has left us unable to use the water in the house for a couple of days. This was actually a good thing, as it has allowed Annie to think outside the box about how to make sure we are cleaning ourselves and our kitchen as we cook.

A side note for those who have been following along. When I explained to Annie that we couldn’t use the water in the house, she went through her mental checklist of what could be the problem (see the blog post about utilities here) and asked me to verify that I had paid the bill. I am so proud of her!