Annie and I were going to do “budgeting a grocery list” today, but when I was recapping from yesterday, she hadn’t absorbed the question of how a job is related to money. (Which is valid, I think some employers haven’t absorbed that either.)

Annie does chores for which she receives an allowance, so I was a little surprised she hadn’t made the connection. I wanted to be sure that she understood this before we move on, because I have witnessed the misunderstanding that credit card = free money, and how that misunderstanding destroys lives. Annie needs to have a firm understanding of living within her means, especially considering the statistics on autism and unemployment.

If you want never to sleep again, check out the information on autism and unemployment, here:

To gain a visual understanding of how work = money, Annie and I put together a very basic flowchart, and we focused on that today. I did not add savings or giving to the ways one spends a paycheck. We will get there in another session.