Simply put, this is the period of time in the education of a special ed student’s life, when we start planning for the future.

From the age of 14 until a student’s 22nd birthday (or until they graduate), the public school system must work with your student on Transition Planning.

Here’s the kicker – it’s never going to be enough. The reality is that your student is likely to get a cursory pass at “here’s how to look for jobs” or “here’s the phone number for the Board of Developmental Disabilities”.

There are other -fantastic- services, if you live in Ohio. But most of the heavy lifting needs to be done by you, and your student. Because unless you are immortal (I’m trying) your student is going to need as much independence as possible.

Fortunately, I am not above using Annie as a guinea pig. She is of transition age, and we are spending quarantine checking off items on the Transition Life Skills list.

The blog posts that follow are all about our journey. Feel free to comment (kindly), ask questions, offer suggestions.